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Seattle's a nice place. I've been there twice and did not encounter rain on either trip. Both times I've been there I went to the Pike Place Market, a neat place that's hard to describe. It's kinda like Boston's Faneuil Hall and Haymarket with some antique and curio shops all combined into a five story building and it flows out onto some of the surrounding streets and buildings. I visited the Space Needle Observatory and rode the Seattle Monorail on both of my visits.

Here's a couple of tall buildings, the Seattle Aquarium and a water fountain along the waterfront not far from the aquarium. The Elephant Super Car Wash at night is a colorful sight with the Space Needle in the background.
Seattle Seattle Seattle aquarium Seattle Seattle car wash

Seattle Union Station has been restored to it's original beauty but is no longer used as the train station in Seattle. And along the waterfront are restored trollies to transport people.
Seattle Union Station Seattle Union Station waterfront trolly waterfront trolly

Shots taken at dusk of the Space Needle and Seattle as seen from the Space Needle observation deck.
Seattle Space Needle Seattle Space Needle Seattle Seattle

These are panoramic shots taken from the Space Needle.
Seattle Seattle

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